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Jan’s Day Off – “Yew” Need to Take Care

Jan’s Day Off – “Yew” Need to Take Care

Don’t Ask!  Just let it be known there is another project in the stew pot.  Fairly major and all encompassing.  Furniture is required for this project; the flavour is West Coast.  Jan’s choice of wood is Pacific Yew.  I know it’s one of my favourites.

Jan had forgotten the toxicity of yew wood and felt it was extremely important to remind our readers of the care required.  The dust attacked his respiratory system.  I would liken it to a severe asthma attack; wheezing, shortness in breath, mucus build-up, and headaches.

The leaves and seed are toxic. Sheep and cattle have died as a result of eating these; humans also.  The toxin which causes the problem is taxine, and it is present in the wood.  Yew is used widely by turners, and goodness knows how many yew vessels are used for fruit, or eating and drinking from.

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