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From the Bench: The Problem With Passion

From the Bench: The Problem With Passion

West Wind Hardwood has always understood passion. In fact, it’s #1 in our Mandate.


  • Promote our passion for wood through our products;  lumber, floors and value-added wood products
  • Foster appreciation of fine woodworking skills, from novice to master craftsman
  • Support ecologically sound forestry practices

We’ve even mentioned it in one of our ads. An ad we’ve used over and over again because it speaks to the heart of what WWH is. We live and breathe this passion for wood. Well, we did until the twinkle was somewhat tarnished by Revenue Canada. And that’s a never-ending story that just keeps on giving and giving…or perhaps, it should be said “taking and taking”

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Near and Far: Grade 12, 1976

Harkin back to the days of 1976…  Popular films were Taxi Driver, The Omen and Rocky.  The average new car was about $6000 and fuel was $0.70 per gallon.  The CN Tower was built in Toronto.  Irish rock band U2 formed.  Jan Nielsen graduated Grade 12. Jan’s BIG year-end project for Construction 12 was teak shelves for his bedroom.  Jan had already decided he was following in his dad’s footsteps of woodworking and was signed up to begin his apprenticeship program; he’d been shadowing his dad for years.