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Romancing the Carlotta

Romancing the Carlotta

In Italian, the meaning of the name Carlotta is an Italian form of Charles, meaning strong.

And indeed strength has followed Carlotta since her conception in 1899. She’s shown strength through her 118 years; there was “a daring World War II escape from Guernsey as the Germans were landing at the airport. She’d been laid over by hurricane force winds until the mast trucks were almost hitting the water…dropped four feet from a travel lift, towed by rowboat completely around Texada Island…in the 1970s she fell over on her beaching legs, smashing her port side frames in.”

Carlotta has also required the strength of her owners. More recently The Mohan’s who found pleasure and passion for 10 years, were ushered into personal heartbreak and tragedy leading to her to her most recent sale in 2014. The newest owners continued her restoration and contacted Abernethy Gaudin Boatbuilders in Brentwood Bay (Vancouver Island) British Columbia, Canada.

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