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Jan’s Day Off: The West Wind Flyer

Jan’s Day Off: The West Wind Flyer

This is not Jan’s Day Off – This is Jan’s Month(s) Off.

It’s been talk for many, many years.  Then justification made it a reality.

  1. Perth, ON was celebrating its 200th Anniversary as a Military Settlement this year.

As Jean S. McGill wrote in her earlier book:  A Pioneer History of the County of Lanark, “The industrial revolution of the century previous had continued to displace tradesmen and craftsmen throughout the British Isles. Now, with the end of the War … , Great Britain was overrun with discharged soldiers also seeking employment. Something had to be done quickly ….”

Second, …the British Government had recognized that a loyal population must be established inland away from the St. Lawrence ‘front’ as a second line of defence in any future (American) threat.”

  1. Shelley’s ancestors were in the first wave of Scottish immigrants in 1816.

Opening the uncharted area north of the Rideau system offered a creative, if challenging, solution to both problems. In early 1815, the British Government commenced an emigration program that offered land and support, including transportation, to families from Scotland, joined by discharged soldiers, willing to take up a new life in this isolated part of Upper Canada.

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