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The Taproot Reaches 100 Incredible Issues!!

Volume 1 of The Taproot was born in October 2005. Seventeen years ago. WOW!! What a ride it’s been.
We are still alive and well; survivors of the last two COVID years. Back then, we talked about the same things we do today and are still passionate about all things wood. So, what has changed?!

We’ve followed the ebb and flow of trends. We have expanded our wood-working machinery and grown our value-added wood products to include all imaginable wild and woolly wood projects; such as live edge waterfall counters, tent poles and portable venue furniture, personal hygiene steam boxes, Vancouver Island-shaped Gift Plaques, World War I Tiger Moth parts (shipped to South Africa and New Zealand), piano parts for Steinway Pianos.

ship2shore magazine west wind hardwood
West Wind Hardwood is featured in Ship to Shore magazine, a guide for boaters visiting the beautiful Salish Sea on the West Coast of Canada. We <3 artists, small businesses & entrepreneurs 🙂
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Restaurant Spotlight: Renfrew Pub

Restaurant Spotlight: Renfrew Pub

The Spiel:

The Renfrew Pub is the homey gathering place for locals and visitors at the heart of Snuggery Cove. Friendly and inviting, it’s the sort of place even first-timers swear they’ve been before. The waterfront pub and restaurant occupies an enviable spot, right next to the dock. The great room — with cathedral ceiling, gleaming 10-tap draught system, pool table and flat screen TVs — offers up micro-brews, tasty fare, and nautical charm.

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Our New Joinery Apprentice

Our New Joinery Apprentice

Now that Danny Schaftlein, Our Milling Manager, has completed the 4-year Joinery Programme at BCIT, Joel is following in his footsteps and completed his first year. He worked through the ranks rising to Flooring Manager; always with an active keen interest in woodworking. This certification will enhance Joel’s knowledge of wood floors; complimenting his eclectic woodworking background.

image011 image013

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West Wind Factory Tour: Lunch and Learn

luncheon with BC Architects

April 30, 2015 – Exploring BC’s Millwork Industry: Beyond the Basics

Seminars, Demo’s and Factory Tour for the Vancouver Island Chapter of Architects

Partnered with Roy Manion, Manager, Specifiers Program of the BC Wood Specialties Group
Hosted by West Wind Hardwood Inc
Driven by Joel Radford and Shelley Nielsen
Attended by 25 Architects and Designers from Southern Vancouver Island

This was both a challenge and a hoot for us. We’d never considered offering an on-site learning opportunity until Roy approached us. He nurtured us; coddled us; encouraged us. And it was a success, as born witness by this excerpt from the Vancouver Island Chapter of Architects’ Newsletter………

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Old Window Sill Replacement

Old Window Sill Replacement

The saga continues with the work on Danny’s old house. This time he’s removing and replacing rotten window sill.

Repaired some insect damage in window jambs with epoxy also replaced a structural beam under the window (original damaged by carpenter ants some time ago.) Making new brackets to be structural. Originals were rotted! Will be coating those with an epoxy barrier coat.

Removed all the sash (5 total) stripped them and will be repainting this weekend. Also replaced all the sash cords for the counter weights.

Just like repairing a wooden boat.