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Traditional Japanese Wood Baths

Buildinvest-unique wood design bathtub
a beautiful bath by Unique Wood Design for a hotel project by Buildinvest, France.

I shattered the ice
to draw water —
no matter, this morning
frozen just as solid.

– – – – –

Otagaki Rengetsu (tr. by John Stevens)

The ritual of bathing as a means of relaxing and warming is sublime.  Made more so if performed in the outdoors with an outdoor shower for the pre-rinse.  On a crisp, chill morning the experience is humbling.

The Japanese bath or more politely the ofuro (お風呂) specifically a short, steep-sided wooden tub calls to Jan and I.  In fact 26 years ago when we built our current home, we purchased all the plumbing for the master bathroom; only to discover years later a jacuzzi tub would’t be for us.  We sold it – unused with the original stickers – to someone building a house on Protection Island (Nanaimo, BC).  Sayōnara and Good bye; better them than us.  And since then, Jan has set his sight on a soaking tub in the floor – as step down into.  Baths of this type are found all over Japan in houses, apartments and traditional Japanese inns. Read more