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FOR SALE: One Dream Too Many – $500

set of nymph canoe plans and build materials

Material to Build Two “Nymph” Canoes – Sold as one Complete Package – Includes:

Drawings from Guillemont Kayaks – One Set (Value $90)         

Wood Strips (Value $600):
Sitka Spruce (55 strips) at 1/8” x ¾” x 12’ long
Western Red Cedar (54 strips) at 1/8” x ¾” x 12’ long
Sapele Mahogany (41 strips) at 1/8” x ½” x 12’ long

MDF Strips (Value $160)
¾” MDF – Cut in strips for mould station
6 pieces at 16” x 8’ long
14 pieces at 8” x 8’ long
14 pieces at 1” x 8’ long

If you have the dream, this could bring you closer to it. Contact us if you are interested!

Firmly Rooted Naturally

Road trips!  Why the appeal?  Sap rising – Spring Juices Flowing

We’ve always got our motor running; but not on a Harley.  We’re heading on the highway but in this instance it’s the Pacific Marine Road.  Lookin’ for adventure…..maybe yes; maybe not so much.  We are however happy to take whatever comes our way, and it brought us to the Harris Creek Spruce Tree.

The last time Jan and I were on this road was back some 25 years ago.  The road was a gravel logging road and the 300 km loop was considered a splendid day trip; a means of getting out of the house and clearing the cobwebs.  We had babies in the back and a picnic lunch in the trunk.  Back then we had choices; head towards Shawnigan Lake, or take the longer route to Lake Cowichan.  Today, its one road only to Lake Cowichan and it’s a busy thoroughfare even on a cold, wet day.  It’s paved.  It’s scenic. A summer trip is calling.  There are periodic wilderness picnic and camping spots and it looks to offer good fly-fishing opportunities.  Woodland glory!!  If travelling mid-week, remember to take it slow and watch for logging trunks flying along.  This is still an actively logged area.

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