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Jan’s Day Off: The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and Jan

Jan’s Day Off: The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and Jan

What does one do when a year’s worth of planning takes a huge slide to the nether regions of “don’t know when now”? Our plans to cross Canada in the tear-drop trailer for Perth, Ontario’s 200th Anniversary have sadly been postponed for 2016. Perhaps, we’ll manage a celebratory trip for Perth’s 201st.

The trailer bits and pieces – still in view as a gentle reminder – are lovely stored to make room for the next-in-line project. This is a project that should have taken place when the house was originally built in 1988. It’s a project that we’ve talked about forever knowing it would make it to the ‘to-do’ list when the time was right. Our upstairs bathroom now has a view with two new windows that open. WOW!! The light; the air circulation… and I’m still shaking my head with wonder as to why didn’t we do this sooner.

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This Old House: Master Bedroom Reno


Part III in the saga of the renovating of our milling manager Danny’s house! He shows us his work on his newly completed the reno on the master bedroom.

Part I: Floor Refinishing
Part II: Window Sill Replacement

He has lots more work to do so stay tuned!

This winter we restored the plaster walls and ceiling in the master bedroom using a method that involves drilling holes around loose sections of plaster and injecting glue. The glue reattaches the loose plaster back to the lathe. The walls are now solid again! We decided to restore the plaster rather than remove and drywall because of the mess involved. And in my opinion the plaster is a better product!


Plaster is more mold and fire resistant than drywall and also more soundproof plus the character of plaster was important to us.

We stripped paint from the original door window shelf and I built new closet doors.

Old Window Sill Replacement

Old Window Sill Replacement

The saga continues with the work on Danny’s old house. This time he’s removing and replacing rotten window sill.

Repaired some insect damage in window jambs with epoxy also replaced a structural beam under the window (original damaged by carpenter ants some time ago.) Making new brackets to be structural. Originals were rotted! Will be coating those with an epoxy barrier coat.

Removed all the sash (5 total) stripped them and will be repainting this weekend. Also replaced all the sash cords for the counter weights.

Just like repairing a wooden boat.

The New Porch for the Old “Newer” House


Everyone who works at West Wind has formed a close relationship with wood.  Most are passionate and take advantage of any opportunity to use and/or work with it.  Our Flooring Manger, Joel is no different.  In fact he set the bar for everyone else.  He’s been with us since 1998; still in high school at the time and highly recommended by his Wood Work Teacher.  He has spent his entire post-secondary career working towards improving and upgrading his living environment; a few times over.

Here are some pictures of the porch he installed on his current home renovation.  Great job!  What’s next?