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The Other BC Trees

Trees can be choosy needing certain amounts of moisture, nutrients and sunlight.  Some are more demanding growing only in certain parts of the province.  For example, Pacific arbutus (madrone) occurs only in southern coastal areas within a few kilometres of the ocean where the winter climate is moderate and summers warm.  It likes dry areas; especially prone to rocky outcrops and plenty of sunlight.

Because trees vary in their ability to tolerate environmental conditions, British Columbia sees a variety of ecosystems throughout the province, from lush coastal rain forests to dry, open grasslands and subalpine areas.  But time shifts everything and ecosystems are constantly changing.  Disturbances, whether caused by nature or people, will affect plant communities over time. Who knows what the future holds for the diversity of our forests.

For the now, I wanted to identify four of the more commonly used indigenous hardwood species we see at West Wind Hardwood.  Not all are commercially logged; often we see leftovers from logging cleanup or perhaps trees cleared from agriculturally designated land.

While softwoods are generally known for their structural applications, hardwoods are generally seen in the interiors of our homes.   They have long been used in the production of cabinetry, furniture and flooring for their durability, beauty and warmth.

 BIG LEAF MAPLE – acer macrophyllum

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