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Near and Far: 1966-1967 – Dorval, Quebec

Near and Far: 1966-1967 – Dorval, Quebec

Certified in Business as a Woodworker/Boatbuilder

As I was told by Ove, and gracing me the fact that I may have disremembered the finer details, of plans to emigrate from Denmark to Canada, were confirmed.  Officials told Ove that settling in Quebec could not be stressed enough as after all; there were only wild forests and lumberjacks in British Columbia.  In 1960, the West Coast was considered a woolly, unrefined place to live and raise a family.  Eventually, the day came in the late 60’s with the rise of the FLQ, Ove’s dreams were fulfilled and the Nielsen Family moved to British Columbia.

Ove’s Shop in Quebec

Jan ~ Daddy’s happy helper.