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Marine Restoration and Boat Repair

Academics * Trades * Sailing * Recreation. 

(Pictures supplied by Tyler Caddell)

This is a unique new program for Parkland Secondary, and the Parkland Marine Institute offers more than just fun………….though it is a lot of fun too!

The Marine Institute at Parkland Secondary gives students a range of opportunities.  It allows students to earn post-secondary credits and apprenticeships as well as earning certifications

required for work………….or purely for recreational use also.

The marine industry is a major employer in our region and like other industries, has become a complex, high-tech enterprise which generates a demand for skilled employees in a variety of areas.  This program offers students a chance to go hands on with their education.

Do you have an interest in and a passion for sailing?  Here’s an opportunity to earn graduation credits and various levels of certification through a combination of classroom-based instruction and “real’ on-the-water experience.  The area surrounding Sidney offers students a wealth of opportunities to explore the BC coastline as well as the recreational perks that come along with sailing opportunities at the Marine Institute.

The School and those involved in this unique program would love to hear from you.  Are you a parents or students; an active participant in the marine industry?  Click here to contact them.

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