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Pottery With a Purpose

Pottery With a Purpose

Coming from a long line of makers, Terrice’s work was initially inspired by the kitchens, gardens, tableware and women’s craft of her young years in rural New York State. Extra spice for creativity came later through a travelling career of several decades with schooling development efforts in Africa, the Balkans, and Asia.

In 2020, Terrice and her husband moved west to Victoria, British Columbia from Newfoundland — with her faithful pottery wheel in tow. You can find her at select local pop-ups.

The month of May saw Terrice’s Spring collection pop up at Marigold Cafe.  A colour kaleidoscope of personal mugs galore ** her signature zen cups & Buddha bowls with chopsticks ** succulent & cactus pot gardens ** family serving bowls ** hardwood boards ** blingstones for boots ‘n backpacks * & so much more. 

Check out her website at https://potterywithpurpose.com/.  Click on the NEWS tab for the latest info.