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Get Lost in a Forest

Get Lost in a Forest

Sometimes you just don’t know how important something is until it’s gone, or until you go somewhere that doesn’t have it.  Travel is that way.   Much can be learned by watching the land from the window of an airplane, train, or car. It opens the eyes; gives one pause to say, ‘Wow, I had no idea’.  Forests can be that way too.

But what is a forest?  The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines forest land as an area where the tree canopy covers more than 10% of the total area and the trees, when mature, can grow to a height of more than 15 feet.  It does not include land that is predominantly urban or used for agricultural purposes.  And land that temporarily has no trees can still be considered forest when the disturbance is known to be temporary and trees are expected to grow back soon (i.e., after harvesting). Naturally caused additions/removals of tree cover (i.e., fire or pests) are included.

Stats…well, they can be manipulated any which way but here I go.  Forested area: (as of 2010) Denmark has 12.8%, the UK has 11.9%, Australia has 19.4%, Germany has 31.8% and Canada has a whopping 42%.

image001 image003

Photos by Jan Nielsen – December 2011 – Denmark
Notice the farmer has tilled around the mound of trees; I am told most of these mounds reflect Viking burials (Left)
Beech Tree Forest with Jan’s Cousin/Wife and Me (Shelley) (Right)

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Feasting in Fashion: St. Regis Bar and Grill

Feasting in Fashion: St. Regis Bar and Grill

Stop by the St. Regis Bar and Grill on Dunsmuir Street in Downtown Vancouver BC.  Their menu was specially designed for comfort and sharing.  Mastering the art of pub fare using quality local sustainable ingredients, you will be sure to find an item or items that best suit the occasion.  It’s a great place to settle in with colleagues to watch your favorite game or enjoy dinner with family and friends!

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Then and Now: Mary Anne

mary-anne tow boat

In November 2015, Stephen Seaton of Ocala Florida reached out to West Wind Hardwood.  As a note, his reference to Bill is of William (Bill) Garden, the renowned naval architect.  He was a dear friend and mentor to Jan; died April 29, 2011 at age 92.  A man who cherished privacy and did not suffer fools; he is genuinely missed.

(left)West Wind’s Corporate Camp Trip – “Mary Anne” – Montague Harbour, Galiano Island Photos by Jan Nielsen – June 2011

Here’s what Stephen had to say:

“I ran across this photo on one of your web-sites and hope you can help me.  I worked for Bill the summers of 1964-65-66 and had a boat that looked just like “Mary Anne”, color of hull, canvas forward, length and general look all the same BUT I remember her engine was a single piston, even the Vivian Engine sound familiar. That sound of the engine is still with me as music to my ears.

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March Customer Projects – Vol. 51

We’re still reeling from excitement for the all the gold medals won by Canada’s Olympic Team, including those in Men’s and Women’s curling. Congratulations to everyone!

These curling rocks were made by our customer Francis Gaetz (250-723-6171) out of our eastern maple. Thanks for sending this in. Great work!

Floor Curling Rocks


This is a reproduction of a Gustav Stickley mission bench in quarter-sawn flaked White Oak by Tom Paille, Deep Bay, B.C

gustav-stickly-repro-missionbench gustav-stickly-repro-missionbench