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Coastal Nostalgia: Polar Bear Schooner

“The year of 1913 will stand out for a long in the record of my photographic achievements,” says author and photographer, Will E. Hudson. He was called up by Capt. Louis Lane of the power schooner Polar Bear with plans to take a scientific and hunting party north; a wonderful chance for a moving picture man.

The Polar Bear is a husky little ship, being 76 ft. in length on the waterline, 20 ft. beam with a modified knock-type 75 hp Frisco Standard engine.

Coastal Nostalgia: Pacific Motor Boat Handbook

The Second Edition April 15, 1931

The 2nd edition is prefaced with the following: “The truly amazing success of the Pacific Motor Boat’s 1930 Handbook Edition, led this journal to produce …better… more complete… Nor were yachtsmen alone in uttering their appreciation…for commercial boat operators, boat builders and many other came forward”. This must have been quite the handy dandy book for pleasure yachters; something akin to today’s Dreamspeaker or Waggoner Cruising Guides.

And our boating waters are still of an international class!!

Coastal Nostalgia: August 1915

Pacific Motor Boat Magazine – August 1915
“On July 3 the long-distance race for the handsome trophy presented by the proprietors of the Brentwood Hotel was run under the auspices of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. The swift Tokitie, owned and captained by FJ Barrow of Sidney finished only a few feet behind the power yacht “Tulameen”. It is on record as one of the most spirited races of the area.”

Anyone who reads this our newsletter will know that William (Bill) Garden, prominent PNW naval architect, endowed Jan with his little 18’ workboat, Mary Anne. Bill used “Merlin” as his commuter to and from Canoe Cove Marina and Toad’s Landing. Merlin had an esteemed previous life known as “Tokitie”.

Photo by Jan T Nielsen
William (Bill) Garden at Toad’s Landing – 2005

An artist’s rendition can be seen on the cover of the book entitled, Upcoast Summers by Beth Hill. I recommend it as a great read too!