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Hospital Heroes Fundraiser

Helping Our Hospital Heroes

There are those working tirelessly on the front-lines of this pandemic, keeping us safe and healthy. We would like them to know: We see you and we THANK YOU!

Please help us give support to these amazing heroes. For every OLI-NATURA product sold until May 31st, we will donate 10% of the profits to the Hospital Heroes of Victoria by the Victoria Hospitals Foundation.

There are clearly a lot of organizations and charities that need help these days. If you are willing and able we encourage you to visit Canadahelps.org and find other charities to help spread the love & kindness further!

Oli-Natura Review & Comparison

Oli-Natura Review & Comparison

Care of CARL DUGUAY and Canadian Woodworking

They do an excellent job of highlighting the natural grain features of wood.

Carl on the general use of hard wax oil.

Carl had the opportunity to test out Oli-Natura Hard wax oil and see how it fared against other brands, Rudio, Osmo, and Saicos. Here’s a quick snippet but we encourage you to check out the full article if you are wavering in the face of trying out the oil yourself!

Oli-Natura is imported from Germany. For those who favour a somewhat glossy, higher-sheen finish, Oli-Natura is a good choice. It’s the faster product to use – it dries in a couple of hours and cures in a couple of days – and it’s the most economically priced. Like Rubio, it’s sprayable without having to add any thinner. I also like that the container it comes in has a screw-on spout cover rather than the more standard paint can lid. It’s only available in a 1L size, and currently there is only one Canadian distributor, located in BC, so shipping cost will need to be factored into your purchase.

oli-natura hard wax oil

Popular Flooring Trend: Pre-Oiled Flooring

The February issue of Canadian House & Home magazine reported a popular new trend in choosing a low-sheen wax oil finish rather than a high gloss, urethane coat. This method is much more eco-friendly and has a more natural look.

At West Wind we carry a pre-oiled floor by Vintage, either wire brushed or a simple UV oil coat. Already have a wood floor or like to oil it yourself DIY style we have a selection of Hardwax oil finished from Oli-Natura.


Jan’s Day Off: Life After Fifty

After 35-years of use, abuse and storage, these two bedroom suites (12 individual pieces/35 drawers) find renewed life.

Our girls have left; we are officially empty-nesters after 33 years.  One lives in Perth, Australia; the other has bought a condo in Victoria.  There is no coming home. We’ve renovated their two bedrooms and we now have two adult guest rooms.

The black walnut suite was purchased pre-marriage from an estate sale in Oak Bay in 1977.  I researched and discovered it was built by the Middlesex Furniture Company in Stratroy, Ontario – circa 1920’s.    The Honduras mahogany suite was gifted to Shelley’s mother in the 80’s from an elderly American couple, and sourced to a 40’s furniture company in San Jose, California.

There is life after 50. 🙂

image001 image003

The outdoor “park” set-up; warm, dry and picture perfect.  Could it get any greener?

“Maybe it’s true that life begins at 50… but everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out.”
— Phyllis Diller


The Test Drive – Before and After… Ready, Set, Scrape!!

image009 image011

Before and After – Our Beautiful Black Walnut Headboard

“I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything until noon. Then it’s time for my nap.”
— Bob Hope

image013 image015

Thirty-five Honduras mahogany drawers…….but was anyone really counting??

Here was a perfect opportunity to get “up-close and personal” with our Oli-Natura products.  After many hours of scraping and sanding, the black walnut was refinished with the HS Colour Oil: Walnut; as the Honduras mahogany was refinished with the HS Colour Oil: Mahogany.  Everything was finished with our Oli-Natura Care Wax by the loving, meticulous Shelley-touch.

I can truly say that this is great stuff.  Looks great; you be the judge!!

Anna’s Room

image019 image017

Olivia’s Room

…………with a White Oak Singer Sewing Machine/Cabinet thrown in!!

image021 image023

“It is lovely to meet an old person whose face is deeply lined, a face that has been deeply inhabited, to look in the eyes and find light there.”
— John O-Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

November Customer Projects

This month we are showcasing the work of Ron David who did the interior woodwork of a 1927 Cadillac and our customer David who used our Oli-Natura finishes on the floor of his Sun Peaks cabin.

Ron David says this about his project:

I just finished a job I was given to do on some of the interior woodwork of a 1927 Caddie. 1st was the dash instrument panel that was missing most of its walnut veneer and he couldn’t find anyone to do it, so I got the challenge. The 1st pic is of the bare nickel plated insert and the next 2 completed.

This next piece came in 3 pieces and was totally missing the burl veneer inside the stringing and missing a backing piece of 1/16″ veneer.

Repaired it all, put in the burl veneer and applied all new stringing.

Next are the 4 pieces that go on the doors. The 2 on the front doors had just been upholstered and he wanted them to look like the other 2 which were done in walnut also. Only the 2 in the back were thrashed and the only thing that I could save was the figured walnut pieces inside of the stringing. The crossbanding veneer or base veneer for the top stuff was also shot so had to separate that from the top layer to. Then started to put it all back together

It was a pretty good challenge to get it all put back together.

Thanks Ron! If you like his work as much as we do you can contact him at rdavid.woodwrkr(at)gmail.com.


What can I say?  The floor looks fantastic.  Three coats of Oli-Natura. – David