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Coastal Nostalgia: Polar Bear Schooner

“The year of 1913 will stand out for a long in the record of my photographic achievements,” says author and photographer, Will E. Hudson. He was called up by Capt. Louis Lane of the power schooner Polar Bear with plans to take a scientific and hunting party north; a wonderful chance for a moving picture man.

The Polar Bear is a husky little ship, being 76 ft. in length on the waterline, 20 ft. beam with a modified knock-type 75 hp Frisco Standard engine.

Near and Far: Arriving in Montreal in 1960

The Nielsen Family immigrated to Canada in 1960.  They were heavily guided towards settling in Montreal, Quebec.  They were told that British Columbia wasn’t a good choice for a family as it was full of lumberjacks and wild forests. Ove, Else, Jan (son) and Lene (daughter) arrived by the Polish Liner, MS Batory.  Lars (son) was born Valentine’s Day 1966 in Montreal.

They settled into creating a family life and established their home and business in Dorval (outside Montreal) Quebec.  Eventually, they moved to British Columbia in the late 60’s as the separatist movement hit the province.

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