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Largest Wooden Apartment Building

The Preikestolhytta visitor centre and hotel nearing completion. Just an example of Norwegian sustainable architecture, built almost entirely with wood. No nails, only wooden plugs containing some milk mixture to make them expand.

A Norweigan housing cooperative (BOB) has revealed plans to build what is said to be the world’s largest apartment block.

Totalling 14 stories and overlooking the cities famous Fjords, BOB hopes to promote sustainable materials while boosting the county’s forestry industry.

“The biggest challenge in building a 14-storey wooden building is preventing big swings amid strong winds,” Commented BOB.

When completed the building will contain a rooftop terrace, a Japanese garden, an indoor patio, a glass façade and views of the fjord. Hopefully ready for sale by early 2014.

To cut down construction time, the building will be made from prefabricated modules and stabilized by diagonal timber structures.

photo by:(Flickr: kalevkevad)