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National Forest Week Contest

National Forest Week Contest

September 19 to 25

BC National Forest Week Coalition was established in 2013, the BC National Forest Week Coalition’s goal is to educate as many BC youths as possible about the different uses and value that we get from our forests including:

  • the production of wood products,
  • to providing local jobs,
  • to a variety of recreation opportunities, and
  • providing spiritual values.

National Forest Week is our opportunity to rally the troops, wave the flag, and showcase the high level of professionalism used in managing the forest resources of BC.

We are participating in NFW’s Art/Photo Contest. There are participation prizes plus the bonus of publicity in our e-Newsletter and Social Media venues.  Send us your artistic interpretation of a “Working Forest”. 

Working forests” are defined as forests that are actively managed to generate revenue from multiple sources, including sustainably produced timber and other ecosystem services, and thus are not converted to other land uses such as residential development.

An example of an artistic entry, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination

The contest closes SEPTEMBER 19th, 2021