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As Clear as a Mud: Wood Muddlers

Summer has arrived on the West Coast, and Summer’s Dog Days leads us directly to Mojito Season.  Sticks have long been used to mash fruit; today they are still used in cocktail bars and called muddlers, muddle sticks, mojito muddlers.

Why muddle?  Muddling bruises the leaves or skin of the fruit releasing oils and flavours. Your drink is now bursting with the romance of robust flavours of the tropics; a beverage transcending the ordinary. Simply put, muddling is the ultimate expression of a fruit-enhanced cocktail.

Don’t have an official muddler yet; tired of rummaging through the kitchen drawer only to find improvising with chopsticks doesn’t quite complete the job?  Whisks…lovely to twirl but hard to crush delicate leaves, and finally, you’ve stumbled upon a wooden spoon.  Bingo…except for that lingering taste of garlic in the mint.  Paaallllllllease!!

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