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Wood Lovers Unite – It’s a Global Passion

This article is compliments of Paul Miller; Retired wood boat builder; Hobby furniture maker. Paul also writes for Lumber Jock (LJ) Blog as ‘Shipwright’.

“I love to think outside the box and I love to do things I’ve never tried before. Almost every project I start involves design as you go flexibility and at least a couple of things that I hope I can accomplish but that I’m not sure I can. I try to use local hardwoods when I can rather than commercial “store bought” material. I like that it gives a feeling of heritage to the piece.” PM

On a recent trip to Europe, Paul made a special visit to Les Fils de J. George in Paris.  He says “to some Paris may be the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, or the palace at Versailles…………….

They are fine and I did see them but the real attraction for me this trip was an old building out on Rue Gallieni where some of the last sawn veneer in the world can be found. I won’t get into singing the praises of this stuff here but suffice to say that at about ten times the price of the common sliced veneer what we see here is pretty special.

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The Life Cycle of Building Products

Better understanding of the full environmental impact of a building product/design comes through life cycle assessment. The life cycle assessment process is defined under ISO 14040/14044 (Environmental Management—Life Cycle Assessment—Principles and Framework / Environmental Management—Life Cycle Assessment—Requirements and Guidelines) is part of the internationally recognized series of standards that address environmental management. This process analyzes the total environmental impacts of all materials and energy flows, either as input or output, over the life of a product from raw material to end-of-life disposal or to rebirth as a new product.

photo credit: wikimedia commons