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Western Larch – Alpine Larch – Tamarack

Western Larch – Alpine Larch – Tamarack

What are larch trees?  Why are they special?
What are tamarack trees?  And why the confusion with Larch?

Larch (Larix spp.) trees have always been special favourites of mine — it’s that whole deciduous-conifer thing.  Members of the pine family (Pinaceae), they have soft green needles that turn brilliant yellow in autumn and then drop.  A conifer that is not evergreen. Not many trees that can make this claim to fame.

But let’s start with what does Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia mean to me in all of this?  Well, it wasn’t the Larch Forest that grows near Frosty Mountain in the Park.  For me, it was the family camping trips; the camping trip that put an end to BC camping road trips.  So much summer drizzle everywhere we went.  At 6 am, we woke to claps of thunder immediately overheard in Christina Lake Campsite.  We pulled tents and tarps down, stuffed the car and dashed in just as big, fat raindrops started to fall.  We rolled into downtown Grand Forks for breakfast; cafes were just opening.  We tumbled into the booth and while the waitress handed out menus, she commented: “oh you’re campers”.  What was the giveaway eau de cologne of campfire smoke and wet jackets?

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