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Polynesian Culture of Wood

Polynesian Culture of Wood

Few people who follow our newsletter do not already know that Jan and I spent some weeks traveling to Australia and back.  To break the 25 hour (in total) flight, we spent 3-nights in Auckland.  On the return home, we broke the trip up in Honolulu.  Of course, nothing was more natural than to pursue ‘all things wood’ in the Polynesian Triangle.  This triangle is a region of the Pacific Ocean with three island groups at its corners:  Hawaii, Easter Island and New Zealand.


Kia ora (Greetings) – Our arrival to Auckland at 5 am – Very few people wondering the corridor.

Having been to neither island before, there was much to absorb in 3-days.  We tested the waters of many attractions, trying to get a cultural sense without attending the larger touristy indigenous centres.

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