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On Paying it Forward

On Paying it Forward

North Island College (NIC) – Furniture Design and Joinery

One of West Wind Hardwood’s mandates is to “Foster appreciation of fine woodworking skills, from novice to master craftsman.” 

And one of our goals is to share knowledge.  “We offer a combined 200+ years of custom woodworking, boat building and appreciation of wood. Our accumulated knowledge is invaluable and should be shared, with our customers AND our employees.  Danny Schaftlein, Milling Manager completed his Joinery Apprenticeship in November 2014. Joel, Tyler, Jordan and Dustin have since followed in his footsteps!”

We take pride in our passion for wood.  And as such, we are always happy when schools – of any level – reach out to us for support.

Beyond offering his skills to NIC, Nigel Atkin is an intuitive carver.  I suggest you visit his Instagram here.  Check out his bevy of otters ?

Additionally, check out NIC’s site to better understand what the college offers.

The following is submitted by Nigel Atkin, a carver and substitute instructor at North Island College in Port Alberni. We are grateful for his support of West Wind Hardwood and his willingness to share his knowledge with all with an interest and appreciation of wood.

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Employee Spotlight: Dustin’s 1st Year BCIT Apprenticeship Training

Dustin Either has finished his 1st Year Apprenticeship at BCIT’s Joinery program. His project, a toolbox (how fitting!), had hand-planed and hand-cut dovetail corners.

We’ve put several employees through this 3-year program with flying colours. Here’s a look at his final project:

The Taproot Reaches 100 Incredible Issues!!

Volume 1 of The Taproot was born in October 2005. Seventeen years ago. WOW!! What a ride it’s been.
We are still alive and well; survivors of the last two COVID years. Back then, we talked about the same things we do today and are still passionate about all things wood. So, what has changed?!

We’ve followed the ebb and flow of trends. We have expanded our wood-working machinery and grown our value-added wood products to include all imaginable wild and woolly wood projects; such as live edge waterfall counters, tent poles and portable venue furniture, personal hygiene steam boxes, Vancouver Island-shaped Gift Plaques, World War I Tiger Moth parts (shipped to South Africa and New Zealand), piano parts for Steinway Pianos.

ship2shore magazine west wind hardwood
West Wind Hardwood is featured in Ship to Shore magazine, a guide for boaters visiting the beautiful Salish Sea on the West Coast of Canada. We <3 artists, small businesses & entrepreneurs 🙂
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