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Near & Far: In Memoriam

Near & Far: In Memoriam

This venue has always been an opportunity to celebrate the Nielsen Family’s passion with wood; whether from their Danish roots so many years ago, or in following their journey across Canada when the family arrived in 1960.

It is with great sadness the Nielsen Family must announce the passing of Ove Tellerup Nielsen; father to sons Jan and Lars (and daughter, Lene).  Ove and son, Jan established West Wind Woodwork in 1980 when the business officially moved to commercial premises in Sidney.  Ove retired from West Wind Hardwood in 1993 handing over his reins to Lars.

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Passing Notes

Raymond Harry Franklin

It’s been a sad few months.  Where there is birth, there must be death as the cycle of life completes to an end.  We lost a fine friend, loyal customer and most talented wood turner in December. To sadden the loss, he was a grandfather to our valued employee, Gordon Aggus.  Gordon has written this tribute to his granddad and provided the photos.

Raymond Harry Franklin was born in England before WWII in 1934. He developed a keen love for wood while he was in school but did not pursue it until after he moved to Canada, Ontario.  After working on a few farms he decided to try his hand at construction and became a crane operator.  My favourite building that he worked on was the CN tower.

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In Loving Memory, Ove Nielsen

ove nielsen
1934 – 2019

It is with great sadness that Ove Tellerup (husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather) passed on Wednesday, February 13.  He passed peacefully at home as he wished surrounded by love.

He was a man of passion and talent.  Family and friends were first and foremost; followed closely by his love of woodworking and the sea.  He was a true artist whatever the medium:  wood (joinery), water (boats), music (accordion), words (stories).  His talent for model shipbuilding brought Ove hours of personal happiness and much public recognition.

He showed us how to grab life and shake everything out of it.  He was larger than life; loved dearly and missed greatly. We hope this next journey includes pickled herring and aquavit.