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Salvaging Wood For Food Boards? Who Knew!

Salvaging Wood For Food Boards? Who Knew!

“If a tree falls in the woods, it’ll make a stunning serving board.”
by Maggie Slover, Contributor Food52 Blog – May 3, 2019

Truer words have never been said. Maggie spoke with a Georgia-based company that suggests they are taking a revolutionary approach to salvaged lumber and repurposing it.  They were saving fallen trees and salvaged wood from landfill as if this was one of those “ah ha” moments.

I think it is fun to hear people talk about an idea as if it’s a fresh concept.  As one ages, you see this in Design and Fashion; continual revival with a twist. Rescued wood is not a new concept.  Wooden serving platters are not a new idea.  If it was, that would put the Nielsen Family ahead of the game by 50+ years!  They’ve been using small wood squares for Danish Smørrebrød sandwiches for…………….ever!!

And don’t forget, we’re coming into barbeque season.  Ask us about our grilling boards; three sizes; three species.  Options ~ Options ~ Options

Feasting in Fashion: Gentlemen’s Grilling Revisited

Feasting in Fashion: Gentlemen’s Grilling Revisited

We talked about Gentlemen’s Grilling in Volume 70

Set Location:   Cooper Reach, Loughborough Inlet, British Columbia.  Loughborough Inlet runs about 35 km long, penetrating the Coast Mountains on the north side of the Discovery Island Archipelago.  Aboard the Classic Wooden Power Boat – DulwenDesigned 1957 Ed Monk Sr.

Product tested was the Cracker Jack Soaked Cedar Plank.  Results were nothing short of delicious with the halibut.  And for a rosemary abhorrer, the ever so slight hint of rosemary was delightful……….just sayin’.

Officially taste tested by Jan and Shelley Nielsen and their friend, David Richardson of Oxford, UK.

gentleman's grilling flavoured planksgentleman's grilling flavoured planksgentleman's grilling flavoured planks

Check out the ever entertaining website at

Moosemeat and Marmalade Grilling Planks

Moosemeat and Marmalade Grilling Planks

A home-grown Canadian show! Moosemeat & Marmalade dishes up Epic Food Adventures.  Moosemeat & Marmalade brings together Bush Cook, Art Napoleon, and classically trained British Chef, Dan Hayes to explore cultures and traditions through the way we access, cook and present our food. Every week one chef will choose an ingredient and lead the journey. The ingredients? Everything from moose, porcupine and beaver to lamb, sausages and caviar!  They travel the globe exploring new realms of adventure – both in the kitchen and in the wild.  Season 2 takes us from BC to Ontario and over to England and Scotland.

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