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Jan’s Day Off: Jan’s “REAL” Day Off at Buttle Lake

Ralph River Provincial Campsite – Buttle Lake – Strathcona Park (Vancouver Island, BC)

overturned soup bowl candlestick

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing as far as I was concerned, however, apparently my choice of stable candle holders was inappropriate. And thus another ‘project’ was born. Fast, Simple and Aesthetically Appropriate for the Outdoors.

So what does a good wood man do but find a piece of green cedar with the intention of carving out nicely sized holes to fit our candles.  At this point, now ask yourself who goes camping with a full set of carving tools?  Unfortunately the selected piece split and required repairs.  Naturally, slender willow branches were selected to bind the board.

DIY rustic candlestick DIY rustic candlestick

Nothing is more satisfying……so I’m told…….than a man sitting by his fire with his cigar whilst working with wood.

rustic candlestick holder

a patina of wax on the candle holder a patina of wax on the candle holder

A nice patina of wax build developed as more and more candles were used.

rustic candle holder Day and Night – Night and Day – All was right with the world.

Day and Night – Night and Day – All was right with the world.

rustic candle holder rustic candle holder

But all good things must come to an end and a fiery pyre was deemed an appropriate finale to our camping trip.

Reader’s Forum – Yellow Cedar Deck Chairs

If you live on Vancouver Island, you have a deck or patio and have some nasty chairs and tables. If you are a woodworker on Vancouver Island, winter is the time – the gardens are done and the fishing is waning.

Two winters ago, my dear friends asked me to build some deck chairs and a small table for their cabin. Their cabin is on a small island in the Gulf. I tried to entice them with the prospects of Ipe or Sapele, but their wishes were for something lighter, so anyone could lift the pieces and store them away. My friends had an article from a very old magazine that had a rough plan to work from. My good friends were both born and have lived on the Island all their lives. They like local.

So, off to West Wind Hardwood. Yellow Cedar was the choice: light and very strong, and durable for the ages. We bought some gorgeous large slabs of cedar.

I buy small amounts of quality wood from West Wind. I look for the wood of the highest quality and grain. To finish, my camera work sucks, the woodwork is great and the basic wood is the best.[simpleviewer gallery_id=”9″]

Written by Bill Howard
Trained in forestry (B.Sc.) and economics (M.A.) Specializing in BC woods, Douglas-fir and salvage.