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Live Edge Walnut Bar Top | Modern Home Victoria Magazine

Live Edge Walnut Bar Top | Modern Home Victoria Magazine

Nautical Family Embrace Natural Materials in Kitchen Design When these avid boaters wanted to do a home renovation they turned to David Sheridan from Splinters Millworks to create a contemporary…

Read the full article at the source: Nautical Family Embraces Natural Materials in Kitchen Design | Modern Home Victoria Magazine

We were thrilled to see our walnut slabs put to some beautiful use in this new kitchen. Read the full article to see more photos and to find out all who were involved in the project.

Thank you to Jody Beck of Modern Home Victoria for the use of the photo.

European Beech Countertops

European Beech Countertops

Special on European Beech Countertops

We are offering a special on multi-piece European beech countertops! We will make these to your specific needs and length. The one shown above includes a back splash and is stained with Oli-Natura Project Oil in Padouk.

beech countertops with stain


13/16″ x 24″ x any length

Cost: $20.00 /running foot.

beech countertops before stain

Here you can see the many pieces of beech used in the glue-up to make the top surface. This is the counter top prior to staining, a really nice natural color and grain variation!

Looking for something a bit more custom, maybe not in beech? Take a look at our Custom Milling page and see what we can make for you!