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Smarter Is Better In The Woods

Smarter Is Better In The Woods



Cowichan, derived from the Coast Salish word ‘Khowutzun’ meaning ‘land warmed by the sun’, is an area rich in First Nations history. The Cowichan Valley has been home to First Nations people from the earliest times. Cowichan is the collective name for a number of villages on eastern Vancouver Island. Today, the Cowichan Tribes make up the largest band in British Columbia and members of the band still own and reside on much of the land surrounding Duncan and along the Cowichan River. If outdoor recreation is what you’re after, the Cowichan Lake and River area on southern Vancouver Island is the place to go. Well-known for its outdoor recreation:  swimming, canoeing, white-water kayaking, tubing, camping, fishing or hiking, or just want to take it easy in the sun You’re bound to find something to do in this “recreation corridor” southwest of Duncan.

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Jan’s Day Off: Jan’s “REAL” Day Off at Buttle Lake

Ralph River Provincial Campsite – Buttle Lake – Strathcona Park (Vancouver Island, BC)

overturned soup bowl candlestick

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing as far as I was concerned, however, apparently my choice of stable candle holders was inappropriate. And thus another ‘project’ was born. Fast, Simple and Aesthetically Appropriate for the Outdoors.

So what does a good wood man do but find a piece of green cedar with the intention of carving out nicely sized holes to fit our candles.  At this point, now ask yourself who goes camping with a full set of carving tools?  Unfortunately the selected piece split and required repairs.  Naturally, slender willow branches were selected to bind the board.

DIY rustic candlestick DIY rustic candlestick

Nothing is more satisfying……so I’m told…….than a man sitting by his fire with his cigar whilst working with wood.

rustic candlestick holder

a patina of wax on the candle holder a patina of wax on the candle holder

A nice patina of wax build developed as more and more candles were used.

rustic candle holder Day and Night – Night and Day – All was right with the world.

Day and Night – Night and Day – All was right with the world.

rustic candle holder rustic candle holder

But all good things must come to an end and a fiery pyre was deemed an appropriate finale to our camping trip.