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Passion to Work, Passion at Play.

Do you work to play?  Or is work wonderfully playful??

The lines are blurred for me.  When asked by accountants and other folks ‘is that trip for pleasure or business?’ I’m the deer with eyes in the headlight not knowing what to say.  Resolutely they plunge on; they say it can’t be both.  I say “what the heck?!  Is your work so uninspiring?” There are folks with black and white jobs and there are folks who are simply black and white in their thinking.

So, where does this go?  Our recent trip to the Broughton’s this past July.  We travel there because we love it…..OMG did I allude to the ‘pleasure’ word? There’s that grey area again. LOL.

Yes, the air and water is a little cooler in temperature; it’s like the Gulf and the San Juan Islands on steroids.  Nooks, crannies and oh……the wildlife.  Today, the almost complete absence of development or settlement results in an unbeatable “wilderness” feeling. This quality, which led Captain Vancouver to name the area “Desolation Sound”, is the quality that many people today wish to experience.

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Pender Island, BC – A Hotbed for Wood Enthusiasts


This summer, Jan and I have spent a number of days boating our local waters on Dulwen.  We became reacquainted with Pender and Saturna Islands.  Pender offered a couple of interesting venues for the boaters and woodworkers alike.

Firstly there was the first ever Hope Bay Boat Fest in June. This event was a great opportunity for wooden boat aficionados.  Stay tuned for 2014, it will only be better and West Wind hopes to be involved.

Secondly, the Fall Fair in August offered a slice of old country style farm fun.  Congratulations to customers, David MacKenzie and Sergei Petrov for their winning entries in the Wood Working Division.