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Shared by Dave Helland

“Here are some pictures of the boat Aftermath, which was finally launched in the fall and is wintering in front of the Empress. You supplied most of the wood for her. The interior was gutted except for the bulkheads, but even they were reclad”

Dave’s dad and grandfather built boats in Powell River; including famed Atkin designs in Powell River in the 40’s.  Atkins were considered individualized designs for the unregimented yachtsmen.

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Tony Grove – A Boatbuilder’s Perspective

Tony Grove – A Boatbuilder’s Perspective

Silva Bay Shipyard School – July 2016 – Photo by Jan Nielsen
Not so open any longer; the school has closed its doors and is the home to local businesses.


A True Renaissance Man

After completing a four-year boatbuilding apprenticeship that started in 1980, Tony Grove honed his skills as a shipwright, specializing in wooden boat restoration/construction, boat interiors building and custom furniture design. This led him to instructing at the Silva Bay Shipyard School on Gabriola Island BC. Tony taught traditional Boatbuilding plus a course (the first of its kind) that he designed on Ship Cabinetry/Joinery. Tony eventually became the school’s head instructor; leaving the school in 2005 to spend time with his family, working for himself as a custom woodworker, boatbuilder, artist, writer and teacher. A true renaissance man!

With the Silva Bay Shipyard School closed, the circle has come full round with The Grove Woodworking School  tucked amongst the trees on beautiful Gabriola Island, B.C.  Courses and Workshops focus on woodworking skills and techniques for the marine environmentwith all skills being transferable to general woodworking. A few non-marine programs will be offered as well. Course material is designed principally for novices; those for advanced learners will be noted.

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