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Employee Spotlight: Dustin’s 1st Year BCIT Apprenticeship Training

Dustin Either has finished his 1st Year Apprenticeship at BCIT’s Joinery program. His project, a toolbox (how fitting!), had hand-planed and hand-cut dovetail corners.

We’ve put several employees through this 3-year program with flying colours. Here’s a look at his final project:

Joel’s Apprenticeship – Year 2 Joinery

Joel’s Apprenticeship – Year 2 Joinery

Another year for Joel at BCIT – Joinery Apprenticeship.  All went well; next year booked.

Nice to know that fine woodwork is not a dying art; nor is it gender specific.  Here is an excerpt from a letter I received from my Great-Niece, Vienna in Fort Fraser, BC.  Her comment on her Grade 10 Wood Shop Class:

In my wood shop class I built a rocking dinosaur toy and I am currently working on a hope chest.  There is only one other girl in my class and we work extra hard to show up the boys. They often tease me because I’m the smallest, and they know I’m tougher than them.  Every class I think of you guys!

Our New Joinery Apprentice

Our New Joinery Apprentice

Now that Danny Schaftlein, Our Milling Manager, has completed the 4-year Joinery Programme at BCIT, Joel is following in his footsteps and completed his first year. He worked through the ranks rising to Flooring Manager; always with an active keen interest in woodworking. This certification will enhance Joel’s knowledge of wood floors; complimenting his eclectic woodworking background.

image011 image013

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Danny’s Apprenticeship Year 3

Did you know Jan is sponsoring Danny Schaftlein – our Milling Manager – for his Joinery apprenticeship?  He has just completed his 3rd year at BCIT and found this year’s general focus to be on production methods, curved millwork, and drafting with AutoCAD.  His personal project was a mirror frame incorporating laminated and solids curved parts.  Can hardly wait to see the finished mirror once the glass is installed.  He has maintained a 95% average over the past 3-years.  We are very proud of him!!

He spent more time home on the weekends this year and became up close and personal with the BC Ferry schedule….or lack thereof 😉  He did say that there were more apprentices representing Victoria this year.  Nice to see.