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Customer Projects: Vol.97

Lancaster Airplane Rebuild

Here are some photos of the laminated frames and where they mount to the fuselage on the FM104 Avro Lancaster being restored at the BC Air Museum.

This week we will be gluing up two horizontal pieces that curve and twist with edge set just as if we are building a dinghy. I can update you when these are finished and mounted in place.

Ultimately, when the canopy structure is finished these frames are painted black (sorry) and covered with acrylic.

Gary Powe

Engraved Yew Cookie Side Table

by Anonymous…. but check out ‘dem Banksia Nuts in the window!

Children’s Play Structure

Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre

This adorable play tugboat is part of the newly opened Patio Portal project at the centre.

Check out more photos from the grand opening of the Patio Portal here.