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Pottery With a Purpose

Pottery With a Purpose

Coming from a long line of makers, Terrice’s work was initially inspired by the kitchens, gardens, tableware and women’s craft of her young years in rural New York State. Extra spice for creativity came later through a travelling career of several decades with schooling development efforts in Africa, the Balkans, and Asia.

In 2020, Terrice and her husband moved west to Victoria, British Columbia from Newfoundland — with her faithful pottery wheel in tow. You can find her at select local pop-ups.

The month of May saw Terrice’s Spring collection pop up at Marigold Cafe.  A colour kaleidoscope of personal mugs galore ** her signature zen cups & Buddha bowls with chopsticks ** succulent & cactus pot gardens ** family serving bowls ** hardwood boards ** blingstones for boots ‘n backpacks * & so much more. 

Check out her website at  Click on the NEWS tab for the latest info.

Customer Projects Vol: #100!

Enigma by Daniel Miller

Sailboat Retrofit by David Helland and accompanying note:

I worked on a Roberts 44 sailboat owned by John Clemens and we purchased quite a bit of materials from you including Aquaply, solid Honduras mahogany and Sapele and teak. John took her down the coast to Mexico in 2017 and then across the Pacific and down to NZ. He made it back up to the Philipines just before Covid hit and the boat has been there ever since. He is back in Victoria but hopes to return later in the year to continue his journey.

There are a couple of pics showing the partially gutted interior at the start of the refit. 

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A Tree in a Forest

A Tree in a Forest

Book and Illustrations by Jan Thornhill

Every Christmas our daughters received a book from Santa or from his family and friends.  In 1992, our youngest received a book from Rudolf entitled A Tree in a Forest by Jan Thornhill.

It’s a wonderful little book, and an excellent life-cycle read-aloud for families and ecology units if you’re in the education system.  It’s an award-winning life of a tree book beginning with a maple seedling emerging from an old fallen log in 1763.  It follows its life for 2,010 years until finally, too weak to stand, it falls to the forest floor, starting the nurturing cycle all over again.

Gloriously illustrated book, I so desperately wanted to share some of Jan’s illustrations.  I reached out to Jan about a month ago to formally ask her approval and never heard back, so I hope she has no problem with my gentle sharing of her delightful children’s book.  Please visit her website and learn about her other books, awards and honours.  The accolades are well deserved!!

Here is an excerpt from the opening:

“Every forest is an amazing community of living things — of green plants and brilliant mushrooms, of nibbling deer and daring birds, of insects and spiders and tiny bacteria.  Each animal and plant relies in its own special way on the trees of the forest.
Trees are the biggest plants on Earth.  Their long winding roots help to hold fertile soil to the ground.  Their leaves clean and enrich the air we breathe.  They nourish and shelter and protect all kinds of other living things.
From the instant its life begins, every tree in every forest has its own special story to tell.  This is one story — the story of a maple tree.  its life begins more than two hundred years ago, long before your great-great-great-grandparents were ever born”.

Enjoy this photo essay and reach out to Jan Thornhill.  Do yourself or someone you know a favour and buy one of her books.  They are available through her website. Better yet, donate a book to your local school or library!