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Ash Floor in Contemporary Farm House

Rustic Ash Flooring

North Saanich, Vancouver Island BC

Norm Friesen from Peninsula Design and Steve Smith at SC Smith Building, to design and build a 2500-square-foot rustic contemporary farmhouse with four bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms on an acre of verdant land in North Saanich.

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Cumaru Flooring, Comox, BC.

Our milling department can create all the components you require for new wood flooring. Including stair nosing, stair treads, floor vents, baseboards & mouldings. All created in-house and to your exact specifications.

Cumaru Flooring - Comox, BC.

Stage Flooring Stanford California

WHAT: 15,000 square feet of Beech and Yellow Cedar stage flooring

WHERE: Concert hall on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, California

The Bing Concert Hall (where our wood was installed) is a private performance space on the university campus. Steamed European beech was laid throughout the auditorium. The beech stair treads are unique shapes, which were fitted between two finished walls. The wood stage is hallow like a drum (apparently for acoustics) and clad with 1 ¾” thick unfinished yellow cedar.

yellow cedar stage flooring bing concert hall stanford