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West Wind Christmas Party 2019!

West Wind Christmas Party 2019!

This is how the West Wind family celebrates the holidays. We work hard; we play hard. Take our lead!

We can help you better understand and select all your serving platters and charcuterie boards. Plus some!  Food on wood never looked so good.

A big thank you to Chef Dwane for his culinary excellence! Talk to us if you’re looking to cater an event. He comes highly recommended.

West Wind Woodwork 1980

Back in the foggiest of times, West Wind Hardwood started as West Wind Woodwork.  WWW hit the big times with rented commercial premises for their manufacturing and custom woodwork business in 1980.  It was no longer a backyard operation.  We had big bills to pay and sales to make.

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Near and Far: Grade 12, 1976

Harkin back to the days of 1976…  Popular films were Taxi Driver, The Omen and Rocky.  The average new car was about $6000 and fuel was $0.70 per gallon.  The CN Tower was built in Toronto.  Irish rock band U2 formed.  Jan Nielsen graduated Grade 12. Jan’s BIG year-end project for Construction 12 was teak shelves for his bedroom.  Jan had already decided he was following in his dad’s footsteps of woodworking and was signed up to begin his apprenticeship program; he’d been shadowing his dad for years.

A Long Line of Joiners

Wood chips truly are in the Nielsen ‘genes’.  Here is Ove Tellerup Nielsen’s (Jan and Lars’ father) Technical School Certificate (#1-2) and Proof of Completion of his Journeymen Carpentry Course (#3).

Tyler Strank – Employee of West Wind Hardwood

Tyler is following in the footsteps of Danny (our Milling Manager) and Joel (our Flooring Manager) by attending BCIT’s Joinery Program.  Tyler just completed his 3rd year.  Welcome Back!  While away, he hit the snowiest and coldest month of this winter.  His year-end project included laminated curves.  Great work!

West Wind Featured in Hallmark Movie

West Wind Sees Stars with Hallmark Channel’s Flip That Romance

Our very own Flooring Gallery was the featured Flooring Store and meeting ground for two rival house renovators who have a history (architect versus interior designer).  We’re very proud of our own Gordon Aggus who made his cameo walk-on debut.

First aired on the Hallmark Channel on March, 16th 2019 with repeats scheduled. But if we’re lucky we might eventually see it on Netflix!

Near & Far: In Memoriam

Near & Far: In Memoriam

This venue has always been an opportunity to celebrate the Nielsen Family’s passion with wood; whether from their Danish roots so many years ago, or in following their journey across Canada when the family arrived in 1960.

It is with great sadness the Nielsen Family must announce the passing of Ove Tellerup Nielsen; father to sons Jan and Lars (and daughter, Lene).  Ove and son, Jan established West Wind Woodwork in 1980 when the business officially moved to commercial premises in Sidney.  Ove retired from West Wind Hardwood in 1993 handing over his reins to Lars.

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