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Transform Your Home with Custom Millwork

Custom millwork is a great way to add a touch of sophistication and personalization to your home. Whether renovating an old house or building a new one, custom millwork can elevate your space in ways standard off-the-shelf products simply cannot. We’ll explore how you can include custom millwork in your home update.

Why Choose Custom Millwork?

Choosing custom millwork means selecting tailor-made wood products meticulously crafted to suit your home’s precise dimensions, designs, and aesthetic preferences. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, custom milled items feature high-quality finishes and attention to detail that enrich the character and value of your home. Many people think of bespoke furniture or unique moulding and trim profiles when they think of millwork for the home; however, it can also include hardwood stair parts made to match your flooring or countertops created to custom specifications.

The Benefits of Custom Millwork


Custom millwork allows homeowners to bring their unique vision to life. It ensures that every detail aligns with their personal taste, whether it’s a particular style, a specific type of wood, or a distinct finish.

Quality and Craftsmanship

With custom milling, you are guaranteed superior craftsmanship. We meticulously craft each piece to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring longevity and durability. Our team’s extensive product knowledge lets us turn rough lumber into a beautifully milled finished product for your home.

Value Addition

When you invest in custom millwork, it can significantly increase the value of your home. The unique and high-quality hardwood finishes built into your home can truly make your property stand out, offering a higher return on investment should you decide to sell.

Black Walnut custom island countertop by West Wind Hardwood.

Transformative Home Millwork Projects


Mouldings are essential in any home, adding depth and elegance to walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. We can craft custom mouldings to match the architectural style of your home, whether it’s heritage, contemporary, or somewhere in between, and match the existing wood.

1. Crown Mouldings

Installed where the ceiling meets the wall, crown moulding adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. With its gracefully curved profiles, crown mouldings can visually elevate the height of a room, often creating a sense of spaciousness and grandeur, signifying architectural refinement. 

2. Baseboards

Baseboards are important in home architecture and design, serving as a functional and aesthetic element. Positioned at the bottom of walls where they meet the floor, they provide a clean transition and conceal any gaps or imperfections. Custom-made baseboards to match your home’s hardwood flooring add a finished and elevated look to your interior design.

3. Window and Door Casings

Custom-milled window and door casings offer homeowners the opportunity to enhance the architectural character of their homes with decorative detailing. Whether opting for more traditional profiles or contemporary designs, custom-milled casings add a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to any interior. 

Solid Wood Stair Components

Staircases are often the focal point of a home, and custom solid wood stair components can transform a simple staircase into a masterpiece.

1. Stair Treads and Risers

Crafted from high-quality solid wood, custom stair treads can be tailored to match your flooring and overall design scheme. Whether you prefer a classic oak, rustic Douglas Fir, or elegant walnut, using hardwood on your stairs can significantly impact your space.

2. Handrails 

Custom handrails not only provide safety but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your staircase. We can create handrails that match the style of your home, whether it’s modern, traditional, or transitional.

3. Balusters

Balusters, also known as spindles or stair sticks, are vertical posts that support the handrail along the staircase. We can create these in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for endless customization options to match existing pieces or to create something unique for your home.

4. Newel Posts

Newel posts serve as the primary support for the handrail at the beginning and end of a staircase and at key points along its length. They provide stability and visual anchoring, making them essential components of staircase design. Like balusters, the options for customization are unending.

Custom Countertops

Custom countertops are a fantastic way to add a unique touch to your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space requiring a durable and attractive surface.

1. Kitchen Countertops

Hardwood countertops and island tops, such as maple, walnut, and cherry, offer exceptional durability. They resist scratches and stains, and develop a gorgeous patina over time that adds timelessness to your kitchen. Because we handcraft them for your space, they can accommodate any shape or size of sink.

2. Bathroom Vanities

As in kitchens, hardwood bathroom counters offer a luxurious and durable alternative to traditional countertop materials. With their natural beauty, custom-milled counters bring a spa-like atmosphere to any bathroom space. Hardwood’s ability to withstand daily wear and tear makes it a practical, long-lasting if unexpected, choice for bathroom surfaces.

3. Workspaces

Custom wooden countertops are perfect for home offices or creative workspaces, providing a sturdy and stylish surface that inspires productivity. Crafted to fit the specific dimensions of your workspace, a custom wooden countertop provides the perfect blend of practicality and style to enhance your work environment.

West Wind Hardwood for Your Home’s Custom Millwork

Our facility in Sidney, BC uses top-quality machinery to ensure precision and excellence in every piece of custom millwork. Our skilled artisans excel at creating custom pieces tailored to your home or tastes, whether matching existing decor or crafting entirely new designs that showcase your style. Suppose your home has unique trim patterns from a bygone era, typical of a heritage house. In that case, we can expertly replicate them, ensuring a seamless and cohesive aesthetic throughout your space. For those seeking to make a bold statement, we offer the option to design and craft distinctive pieces that stand out, infusing your home with character and individuality. 

Investing in custom millwork is a decision that pays dividends in terms of aesthetics, quality, and home value. Whether you’re looking to install custom butcher block countertops or add elegant crown mouldings, our expert milling team is here to bring your vision to life. Utilizing the finest materials and equipment, we ensure every piece of millwork meets your exact specifications and exceeds your expectations. Transform your home with custom millwork and enjoy its timeless beauty and functionality. Reach out today to chat with our experts.

What to Know Before You Replace Carpet with Hardwood

Few changes can make as profound an impact when renovating your home as when you replace carpet with hardwood flooring. Beyond the aesthetic upgrade, this transformation brings a host of benefits. However, before you embark on this journey, understanding the nuances and implications of this change is crucial.

The Pitfalls of Aging Carpet

Over time, carpets can harbour various allergens and contaminants, particularly when in place for a decade or longer. Despite diligent cleaning efforts, older carpets tend to trap microscopic particles within their fibers, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.

The accumulation of these particles can be significant, leading to a potential buildup that regular vacuuming or standard cleaning methods may not be able to fully eliminate. Even with routine maintenance, deeply embedded allergens persist, becoming a concern over time, especially for individuals sensitive to airborne irritants.

Dust Mites and Mold

Dust mites, microscopic creatures thriving in humid environments, find carpets an ideal habitat. Their presence can aggravate allergies and contribute to respiratory issues. Additionally, carpets can foster mold growth in areas with higher humidity (like Vancouver Island) or incidents of moisture exposure, particularly underneath the carpet or padding, creating a health hazard.

Challenges of Older Carpets

While newer carpets may have protective treatments against stains and allergens, older ones lose this efficacy over time. As carpets age, their ability to resist spills and stains diminishes, making them less effective at maintaining indoor air quality.

Impact on Health

Prolonged exposure to these allergens can trigger or worsen symptoms for those prone to allergies or respiratory conditions. This can result in discomfort, recurrent allergic reactions, and potentially worsen existing health issues.

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Addressing Carpeting Concerns with Hardwood

Allergens and Air Quality

Hardwood flooring offers a significant advantage in maintaining a better indoor air quality compared to carpeting. Unlike carpets that trap allergens and other particles within their fibers, hardwood floors provide a smooth and hypoallergenic surface that minimizes the effects of dust allergies. It is particularly beneficial for those prone to allergies or respiratory issues, as it creates a healthier living space by reducing the presence of common allergens, contributing to a fresher and more breathable atmosphere within the home.


Unlike carpets that tend to wear down, mat, or develop irreversible stains over time, hardwood withstands the test of time remarkably well. High-quality hardwood can retain its original beauty and structural integrity for decades, even generations, when properly installed and maintained. Its innate strength allows it to endure heavy foot traffic, minimizing the visible signs of wear and tear that often afflict carpets. While carpets require regular deep cleaning and may need replacement every decade or so, hardwood floors demand comparatively minimal maintenance to maintain its allure and functionality for an extended lifespan.

Increasing Resale Value

Replacing carpet with hardwood can significantly increase the resale value of your home. Hardwood flooring’s longevity adds value to the house and reduces the need for frequent replacements, making it a cost-effective and enduring investment. Many homebuyers prefer hardwood floors because of their timeless appeal, durability, and easier maintenance. This upgrade is a powerful selling point, potentially attracting more buyers and increasing the home’s market value.

Ease of Maintenance

The simplicity of maintaining hardwood floors starkly contrasts the upkeep required for carpeting. Regular care for hardwood typically involves a straightforward routine: sweeping with a soft-bristle broom or vacuuming with a floor attachment to remove dust, dirt, and debris. This maintains the floor’s cleanliness and preserves its polished appearance.In the case of spills or stains, hardwood offers a practical advantage. Unlike carpets, where liquids tend to seep into fibers, causing stubborn stains and potential odor issues, spills on hardwood are easier to address. A quick wipe or mop with a slightly damp cloth and hardwood-friendly cleaner often eliminates the spill, leaving minimal residue or staining.

Best Areas to Replace Carpet with Hardwood

When considering where to replace carpet with hardwood flooring, several areas in a home tend to benefit the most from this upgrade:

Living Room: The focal point of many homes, the living room, often sees the most foot traffic. Hardwood flooring here not only elevates the space aesthetically but also offers durability against heavy use.

Dining Room: Hardwood flooring in the dining area is advantageous as it’s easier to clean spills and crumbs, making it ideal for mealtime spaces.

Hallways: High-traffic areas like hallways benefit from hardwood flooring due to its durability and ease of maintenance, reducing the visible signs of wear.

Entryways: First impressions matter, and hardwood in the entryway or foyer adds a touch of elegance while withstanding the impact of frequent entries and exits.

Bedrooms: While some prefer the comfort of carpet in bedrooms, hardwood flooring can create a consistent look throughout the home. Plus, you can add rugs for warmth and comfort underfoot.

Home Offices: With the rise in remote work, home offices are becoming a staple. Hardwood flooring provides a professional and easy-to-clean surface for these spaces.

replace carpet with hardwood

Explore Hardwood Flooring with West Wind Hardwood

High-traffic areas, central gathering spaces, and places prone to spills or messes benefit most from the durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance offered by hardwood flooring. Bedrooms can also be a great candidate for hardwood, but personal preferences for comfort might influence this choice, which can be complemented by rugs to maintain a cozy feel.

Before making the switch, consider your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Chat with our flooring experts for valuable insights and guidance. We can help ensure that your transition from carpet to hardwood is a rewarding and transformative experience for you and your home.

Muse Collection by Mirage: Inspiring Flooring for Your Home

Just in time for Women’s History Month, Mirage Hardwood Flooring has released its newest flooring collection inspired by eight remarkable women with enduring legacies. The Muse Collection by Mirage features eight modern White Oak hardwood flooring colours, available in linear and herringbone boards. These choices effortlessly complement the latest interior design styles and allow homeowners to express their taste through this elegant collection. 

White Oak Character in Grace

Meet the Muses

The Muse Collection pays homage to exceptional women who made significant contributions throughout history. These muses, hailing from various parts of the world, inspire us to make a difference in society. The floors are named in honour of these remarkable women, celebrating their impact on humankind.

Ada Lovelace – 1815-1852 – Mathematician and Writer

This hardwood flooring boasts a whitewashed tone with a brushed finish. The soft, lighter hue adds brightness to any space while still retaining the natural warmth of the wood with the visible texture. It really allows bold design to shine without fading into the background.

Grace Hopper – 1907-1992 – Computer Scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral

A graceful greige tone, this hardwood flooring stain is the quintessential complementary hue to a variety of colour palettes. It particularly stands out in open-plan decor, as the brushed natural texture adds warmth and character.

Rachel Carson – 1907-1964 – Marine Biologist and Conservationist

The best use for this light wood flooring is to soften monochromatic contemporary designs or to subtly balance a room with bold or dark-colour walls. The finish’s neutral undertones adds a quiet luxury to all spaces, no matter the mood of the decor. 

Maud Watson 1864-1946 – Tennis Player

The exquisite brown-beige of this brushed wood flooring creates a cozy atmosphere in any room. The combination of creamy undertones and the texture of natural character lines offer an elegant base for those looking for a timeless space.

Ingrid Van Houten-Groeneveld – 1921-2015 – Astronomer

The sandy neutral of this flooring infuses complexity and character into any room. It is a beautiful choice for statement rooms and works wonderfully when paired with either high- or low-contrast decor.

Eleanor Roosevelt – 1884-1962 – Diplomat and Humanitarian

This rich golden-brown stained hardwood is incredible for those looking to add an earthy element to their space. The light colour is stunning with rich warm tones, such as burnt reds and rustic greens.

Amelia Earhart – 1897-1937 – Aviator

This bronze-coloured wood flooring will elevate your home with its warm depth and dimension. This flooring boasts subtle variations in tone that is perfect for contemporary designs in cool tones for soft balance.

Hattie Larlham – 1917-1996 – Advocate and Humanitarian

The nutty brown stain of this brushed flooring subtly highlights the natural wood grain of the White Oak. The rich tones beautifully compliment warm and neutral interiors.

White Oak for Lasting Beauty

Investing in hardwood flooring means investing in lasting beauty. White Oak is one of the most aesthetically pleasing wood species, and it blends well with most styles and colour schemes. Mirage designed the Muse Collection colours to allow homeowners to seamlessly integrate traditional and contemporary styles, creating harmony and balance between the old and new. In this way, the collection mirrors the innovative and visionary spirit of the muses.

Not only beautiful, White Oak’s adaptability makes it suitable for residential and even light commercial settings; its high durability and resilience withstand high-traffic areas. The Muse Collection hardwood floors boast a 3-ply structure, providing a durable foundation for your living space. Mirage’s exclusive DuraMatt® finish offers up to 35 years of wear-through protection for residential applications, ensuring your floors stay beautiful for years.

White Oak Character in Eleanor

The Muse Collection by Mirage at West Wind Hardwood

Visit our Flooring Gallery to see this timeless flooring collection in person. We also provide samples to take home so you can explore the quality and craftsmanship that sets Mirage’s Muse Collection apart. This Canadian-made flooring is a superior choice for beauty and durability, and it is made from the finest responsibly sourced wood from managed forests.

Embrace the spirit of remarkable women, express your individuality, and let the Muse Collection be the canvas for your style. Elevate your home with the enduring allure of Mirage Floors and celebrate the legacies of inspiring women.

Dorothy Sloop Gets Recognized

The rebuild of the 1897 classic sloop Dorothy by Robert Lawson and the Maritime Museum of BC is getting its long-overdue recognition with articles in the February publications of Wooden Boat and Classic Boat!

To top it off the boat has been nominated in the Classic Boat awards for Best Restoration Under 40 ft among 8 other nominees. Anyone can vote, and one vote per email address!

Vote For Dorothy:

Robert also sent us photos of a 13 ft skiff built between 1920 and 1940 by D T Jones which John Marston donated specifically to be Dorothy’s skiff. Dorothy’s original skiff was built by T C Jones in 1895, all that remains is its original backboard.