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bill garden boat builder

“Toadstool” is a very special schooner. Drawn and built by Bill Garden (shown above) as his personal yacht built in 1975. Check out Woodenboat magazine Jan-Feb 2017 page 50. She is also featured in William Garden’s book “Yacht Designs”.

Toadstool has been on the docks at the Center for Wooden Boats for over a year… for sale.  We are told she is suffering neglect.

She needs a good home.  No one likes to see a beautiful classic fail.

As well, if you have interest in 40’ Rainbird, let us know.  She may need a benefactor soon too. Rainbird was a man’s boat, all-natural Western red cedar and rubbed raw teak inside.  Her cabin was traditionally furnished, dimly lit through narrow ports.  She has a deeply satisfying dark bachelor’s burrow.  Think Mole’s End in The Wind in the Willows.


  1. Where is this boat now? One of the most truly beautiful vessels I have ever seen. I she in Canada now? I first noticed her in Friday Harbour about 30 years ago when I sailed those waters, before 911 made everyth
    ing a royal pain in the ass.

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