Earth Day Fake News by Shelley - West Wind Hardwood
emerald isles or not

Making The Most of Easter Weekend

Great Way to Celebrate Earth Day!


Remember April is Fool’s Month, and we mustn’t take ourselves too seriously.  As well, Earth Day is intended to bring attention to the importance of protecting our environment, treating Earth respectfully and demonstrating the courage of our convictions.

I hope this brings a chuckle to your day.  And I would love to hear back from our readers.  Tell us if your fact-checkers recognize the truth of these photos. 

Free Firewood for All

“Singing Skies and Dancing Waters” by John Denver

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

A Beautiful Western Maple Bowl

Man-eating Godzilla Snake

The Gathering of the Ents

The Emerald Isles

A Hobbit Door – The Tolkien Gateway

A Four Leaf Clover

Parasitic Mistletoe

The Elusive Brain of a Lazy Gnome

A Teddy Bear’s Picnic Delight

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Old Man Yew Tree

Luxury Vessel of a Russian Oligarch

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