Another Year - Another Distanced Christmas Staff Luncheon - West Wind Hardwood
christmas party lunch spread

WWH Christmas Staff Lunch 2021 saw an upgrade from pizza and boutique soda pops.  Our lunch was catered by a local company, Truffles Catering.  They offer a dedicated service, locally-driven & distinctive cuisine.

We made selections from their Grazing Menu.  This included their massive grazing “charcuterie” board of artisan cheeses and cured meats, grilled veggies, olives/pickles, bread/crackers, and homemade condiments.  We included Vegetarian maki rolls for those who swing away from meats and animal by-products and a lovely bowl of crisp homemade root vegetable chips.  Finished by a selection of lovely squares and bars for those with a sweet tooth. What will next hold?!

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