DRIFT Beach Dubai: Restaurant Spotlight - West Wind Hardwood

We have the pleasure of multiple sales of our culinary products to the One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai; destined for their restaurant and bar, Drift. It is an award-winning beachfront destination where style and effortless luxury meet an understated elegance through design and aesthetics.

DRIFT showcases an innovative take on classic Provencal cuisine with an emphasis on the finest organic ingredients, freshness and simplicity. It is a culinary indulgence, complemented by an innovative cocktail menu.

Our daughter and family live in Western Australia. At this moment in time, there are no direct flights and living about as far away as possible from us, we might as well drill a hole and drop down, we’ll pretty much come out right beside them. In any case, whether we fly east or west, it takes the same length of time. I’m hoping one day to have a layover in Dubai and have a taste of the luxury offered by the Drift. Why not?!

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