Customer Projects: Vol.90 - West Wind Hardwood

The Maq Hotel in Tofino

West Wind made this custom, vertical grain and clear Douglas-fir flooring for the newly renovated boutique hotel is overlooking the harbour and right in the heart of the village of Tofino.

The Maq has an eclectic vibe, with brand new hotel rooms, a pub, a wine store, live music, and awesome art.

Ipe deck by Eric Pohl

“Zither” art piece by Robert Troff

 I’ve been an avid woodworker for years. My friend is a luthier in Regina named Peter Sawchyn. One day I raided his trims & scraps bin, pulling out pieces whose shapes & contrasts intrigued me. There are bits (all lawful woods)of mahogany, ebony, Canadian maple & others, mounted on two re- claimed pallet boards. I titled the piece “Zither.”

Oughtred Auk Boat by Garry Monaghan

The boat was finished last fall but had to sit out the winter in my basement. COVID helped by allowing me the time to work from my summer house and use the boat!  It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good. She’s a fun little boat to row and sail.

Wine Rack by Bonnie Tuka

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