Flooring Samples For Sale - West Wind Hardwood

These samples of flooring can be repurposed into a variety of things. Table or desk tops for one. Please contact us in you are interested in purchasing.

AlphaCoarse grain Fir – finished36 x 91$100.00
CharlieQtrd W.Oak – finished21 x 83$50.00
DeltaJatoba – finished6.5 x 83$15.00
EchoFine grain Fir36 x 91$100.00
FoxtrotAlder – unfinished18 x 57$25.00
JulietWalnut – finished – edged24 x 72$100.00
KiloCherry – finished – edged24 x 72$80.00
LimaCoarse grain Fir – finished – edged24 x 48$60.00
MikeCherry – prefinished – edged24 x 48$60.00
NovemberW.Oak – prefinished – edged24 x 48$60.00
OscarRecycled Fir – prefinished – edged24 x 72$70.00
PapaRecycled Fir – prefinished – edged24 x 72$70.00
QuebecRustic W.Oak – prefinished – edged24 x 48$60.00
RomeoW.Oak – unfinished36 x 56$50.00
TangoAlder – unfinished36 x 56$40.00
UniformRustic Alder – unfinished37 x 56$40.00
VictorAsh – finished35 x 96$75.00
WhiskeyFine grain Fir – unfinished36 x 91$70.00
X-RayAlder – unfinished18 x 57$30.00


  1. May I visit your shop to view your samples or seconds. I am looking for a piece of wood suitable for a bathroom counter 24×60.
    My daughter lives in MacKenzie and wants me to bring her up a ‘butcher block”
    I live in Sidney in Fourth St

  2. Hi there, I am looking to source reclaimed hardwoods to use in some of my products. The main constraint is that the material should be at least 1/2″ think. And ideally around 36″ in lentgh. I then rip into 1.75″ widths and go from there.

    My question is: Are most of your floor samples 1/2″ think?


    Iron Archer Gamecraft

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