Coastal Nostalgia: Dalziel Box Co. - West Wind Hardwood

Dalziel Box Co., Ltd started with the making of wood baskets and boxes for berries and fruit in 1916. The company metamorphosed over the years and was still in existence in the early 80’s. They were the go-to folk in Victoria offering resaw facilities. Jan recalls taking teak boards for resawing in the early years of West Wind Woodwork when we manufactured nautical wood products for outfitting yachts and boats.

These products were sold across Canada and we had a dedicated on-the-road salesperson. Additionally, Jan recalls purchasing lumber for the planking and keel of our small boat, Puddleduck. Puddleduck was launched in 1986.

Circa 1983 – Keel for Puddleduck


  1. My husband used to own Aladdin Refinishing in Victoria and he still has the original Dalziel Box Company Sign. It’s a beautiful big sign hand painted on tin. I’ll send you a photo of you’re interested in seeing it.

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