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Advice From Lucy, The Indoor Cat

While WWH reduced working-hours and working-staff for April and May, the only member of our team who could easily work at home while self-isolating was our IT Gal, Britney. She continued to support us from a distance and we appreciated everything she was able to do. We thought it would add a touch of whimsy to meet her daily feline companion, Lucy.

As British Columbia moves into the next COVID-19 phase, Britney returned to us this June, and for that we are thankful. We hope you continue to socially distance in safety and in good health.

Lucy is our 12 year old long-haired tabby who you could say is used to the quarantine life. These are some things I learned from her while working from home.

#1 Stick to a Regular Sleep Schedule

Waking up every day at the same time like I was going to work was very important to maintain a bit of normalcy. As well as fighting the urge to wear PJs and getting ready, making coffee, as usual, got me in the mindset work each day.

#2 Get Up and Move

Not going into work meant I was missing out on my daily walk. A crucial part of my day was getting that fresh air. Lucy and I did the next best thing, yoga at home. Her downward dog is getting better, but savasana is still her favourite (mine too).

#3 Take A Lunch Break

Breaks are still necessary when you are working from home. Giving your brain a rest and feeding your body (a yummy grassy treat in Lucy’s case) boosts your productivity for the rest of the day.

#4 Shut the Door on Distractions

Don’t be afraid to lay some ground rules for those around you if you’re at home. Close the door, put up a sign, wear a funny hat, or swat at your human, anything to deter others from taking you away from your work.

# 5 Keep a Dedicated Office Space

Just like the last tip, having a place to work is crucial. For me working in our bright living room was a lot nicer than the cramped, dark corner where the desk is.

All in all these few things helped keep motivated and distraction-free, but honestly, Lucy’s company was enough to keep me from getting stir-crazy. She’s a great little work buddy!

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