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Whether it’s a delicious drink recipe, dinner party idea, or gardening tip, Vanessa Christensen is there to help. From cooking classes to customized chef services, she offers unique experiences that will up your food game and excite your taste buds.

  1. Personal Chef Services
  2. Food Preparation
  3. Cooking Classes
  4. In-Home Catering
  5. Special Event Chef Services

The food and hospitality industries have been brought to their knees these past few months. With strict diligence and watchful distancing, the new ‘norm’ is starting to assert itself, and phases to reintroduce social entertaining back into our lives is beginning. Consider how Vanessa can help you move forward.

Small groups ~ Outdoor venues ~ Creative ‘out-of-the-box’ planning.

The Adopted Tomato Story

Vanessa Christensen’s story begins on the rural outskirts of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where she was surrounded by fresh ingredients and a passion for food. Her father, a part-time beekeeper, owned a small honey operation and a massive blueberry patch, while her mother and grandmother were culinary mavericks in the kitchen. As a child, she loved experimenting under their watchful eye, discovering how to create meals that were both pleasing to eat and look at. Food brought them together and made them notorious for hosting colourful dinner parties that guaranteed great cuisine and even better company. 

Adoption is something that’s very close to her heart. She is an adopted child, raised by a parent who was adopted, and who is proud to be raising an adopted child of her own. Vanessa’s family is diverse, adaptable, and inclusive. So are tomatoes. 

Think about it. Tomatoes can be adopted into many recipes. They add flavour and enhance a variety of dishes each and every time.

Check out Vanessa and Adopted Tomato‘s site.

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