Coastal Nostalgia 1939 - West Wind Hardwood

Advertisement Page as Seen In Pacific Motor Boat – October 1939 – Sold for 25¢

Edwin Monk, Sr. was a prolific Pacific Northwest shipwright and naval architect. He was active from 1914 to 1973 designing pleasure and commercial vessels, both power, and sail. Our 35’ Dulwen was designed by Ed for DULcie and OWEN Fowler of Victoria, BC; philanthropist, inventor and 2nd Commodore of Capital City Yacht Club. She was built by Philbrook’s Boatyard (before they moved to Sidney, BC) in 1957. Ed visited the boatyard to ensure this customized design was flowing well, however, the cost overrun of about $1200 made quite the stir at that time.

Ed was 24 years senior to William (Bill) Garden, who was also a world-renown Pacific Northwest naval architect and marine engineer. We’ve talked about various aspects of Bill’s life in our newsletter over the years. Check it out! Bill’s older brother, Lorne Garden partnered with Ed Monk from the late ’40s into the ’50s. Bet Oliver’s book, ‘Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats’ mentions that Lorne’s signature is on a lot of their file drawings. It is said, “He was a very good stylist, just like his brother, Bill. In “Yacht Designs (1977), Bill mentions that his much-admired perspective drawings were done using a method “developed with my brother Lorne and based on a Royal Air Force method of making identification drawings of an unknown aircraft from an inflight photo.”

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