New Stock: Lumber & UV Poxy - West Wind Hardwood

4L UVPoxy Kits

Clear Yellow Cedar

Cear 4 x 4 and 4 x 8 Yellow Cedar, great for boat building, carving and just about any other woodworking project.


1″ Poplar lumber is a good inexpensive hardwood that machines well and can be painted or stained.

Black Walnut

2″ Black Walnut, because of the unique colour and grain characteristics Walnut has been a prized wood for furniture, cabinets, millwork, flooring and other decorative interior applications, Black Walnut is worked easily with power or hand tools and has excellent machining properties.


2″ thick Cherry hardwood lumber. A natural beauty, Cherry is sought after by builders of the finest cabinetry and furniture in the world. Cherry is valued for its rich, deep reddish-brown colour, frequently imitated with wood stains, and has exceptional character. … Cherry’s grain is predominantly straight with a fine even texture and natural lustre.

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