Danish Memories from the Late ’50s - West Wind Hardwood

Wood chips are in the genes.

Some years ago, I asked Jan and Lars’ father, Ove for some photos and comments from his archives.  Here’s some of what he sent me.  These are both his personal photos and annotations.

Not all wood is used for boats and furniture.  Scaffolds and forms for concrete were widely used on this project – the Power Station Asnaesvarket in Kalundborg, Denmark 1957.  We also used the best marine occume plywood made by BOWA, Danish Company.

This my dad, Henry – Jan and Lars’ Grandfather. He changed into dark work clothes when working on the concrete was dirty work due to the rusty steel and oil.
This me (Ove) working in the sand while the Foreman is resting.
The wood forms were held together with steels rods and larges nuts. Note the wood measuring stick in the pocket (we did not have measuring tapes available in Canada). The lumber came from Sweden by the thousands of boardfeet.

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