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Our Inaugural Editorial

Pacific Motor Boat Magazine – Boats of Wood: Men of Steel

Excerpt from Vol. 7 – No. 2 November 1914
I found this ad of interest for two reasons.  First, the cost of accommodation in the wilds of BC; and secondly, the segment of the population they were marketing to.  In 1960, Easterners still considered BC to be wild, woolly and full of trees.  When the Nielsen Family applied to immigrate to Canada, they were seriously told by Government Bureaucrats to avoid BC as all it had to offer were forests and loggers.

Excerpt from Vol. 11 – No 3 December 1918
I found this to be an interesting comment on the state of pleasure boat construction as the world emerged from the clutches of World War I.  It also brought to mind a musing about WWI and WWII.  Are memories of these events receding from our younger folk?  I was texting with a 20+ year old the other day and used the phrase “It’s D-Day!” as a means of saying, “OK, let’s act now”.  They came back to me with a confused emoji
**** If there is an interest in this article, let me know and I can forward you the rest. As well, there is a good article in the same magazine entitled “Motor Boating Following the War”.  It’s an entertaining treatise on “Every gob in the Navy, to say nothing of a few thousand commissioned officers, has his eyes on a motorboat”.

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