Milling Jobs in September - West Wind Hardwood

Tight Knot Wide Plank Fir Flooring

1 x 8 tight knot wide plank tongue and groove flooring for that farmhouse look being run for a job in Vancouver.

Blue Stain Pine Flooring

Blue stain beetle kill Pine T&G flooring going to Vancouver. Beetle Kill Pine is the result of blue stain fungus that spreads from bark beetles to Lodgepole Pine trees. The blue stain pine fungus works symbiotically with the beetles by turning the tree wood into nutrients. … This is caused by mountain pine beetle infestation.

Kiln Dried Douglas-Fir

Clear 2nd growth S4S kiln-dried Douglas Fir ready to be shipped to Sooke BC.

Laminated White Oak Panels

Laminated White Oak flat panels for a kitchen going to the Sunshine Coast.

Skateboard Veneer Kits

Raw longboard skate veneers being shipped to a woodshop at a high school for future skaters.

Red Oak S4S Planks

Red Oak S4S thin planks for matching an existing floor that will be face nailed.

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